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In Swordmaster’s Youngest Son, join the journey of Valian, the spirited youngest son of the legendary Swordmaster Lucius. Striving to carve his own path, Valian embarks on a quest to prove his worth, mastering the art of the blade while navigating a world fraught with challenges, rivalries, and secrets waiting to be unveiled.




Jin Runcandel was destined to become the head of his swordmaster clan. But despite his best efforts, he’s banished for his shoddy swordsmanship. Though Jin eventually makes a contract with the god Solderet and is freed from the curse that hindered his abilities, he meets a rather unfortunate end. In the next moment, however, he awakens as a baby, long before his tragedy began. Armed with a second chance and some new powers, Jin swears to fulfill his destiny and become the ultimate swordmaster.


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